SLMUN 2010

The Story

Sri Lanka Model United Nations 2010 [Aug 1st-3rd @ Waters Edge, Capital City Sri Lanka]!!! Best MUN experience, I have had thus far !!!

Being a part of the Executive Committee was a privilege and well as a very memorable experience. The number of months leading up to the conference, took up a lot of time, pain and energy !!!We all spent a lot of time doing numerous activities, in preparation of what was to be the largest MUN conference in Asia, bringing a total of over 1000 youth from across the country and the world…

The most memorable incidents prior to the conference are as follows :

Firstly the most enjoyable part was the making of the backdrop out of tiny pieces of mirror. The final out put being the UN logo with the Sri Lankan crest.

Secondly, was the prank calls that we made to a number of fellow EXCO members. That was indeed hilarious.

Thirdly was the interesting task of typing up of Position Papers for the Futuristic Security Council, the first of its kind in Asia.

Fast forwarding to the conference…

Being the Vice President of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (SCITEC), I along with my President, ensured the utmost participation of the 42 delegates that were in our committee. Through this experience I learned a lot of things. I hope that you also, dear reader will gain something out of the following…

The Lessons

I learned that to be a good Vice President/President/Chair, one most instantly build a good friendship, with my fellow delegates. The hierarchy that exists between the executive committee and the delegates should not be strictly enforced. Though necessary at times, one must learn to come to common grounds, not as Chairs and Delegates, but as mere human beings!!! That I believe would be one of the numerous solutions to solve the world’s problems.

I also learned, that when one has the power to grant the right for others to speak, he should ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity… Once again becoming a solution to the many problems in our world.

I learn that, despite us coming on to a forum to discuss pressing issues in the world, it really didn’t matter what out Resolution was. But what mattered was that, if someone learned something new, some tiny fact, that one day would make a difference to another fellow human being… And if it did happen, then my President and myself have succeeded in something…

Another thing I learned from my President, was that, it is not by the bad things people do that they are remembered but by the tiny bit of good they do to make the world a better place…

And dear reader… The final and most important thing I have left to say is that; there are so many more less-privileged individually in the world. Individuals who, unlike yourself, have never sat in front of a computer. Individuals who have never seen a piece of paper or a light bulb or a mouthwatering cake… Individuals who have nothing but the robe wrapped around them… So remember guyz, if you ever get a chance to help someone less fortunate than yourself, do not hesitate to help them, in any tiny way u can…  After all WE ARE ONE WORLD !!!

by young hiStorian – Ramesh Ganohariti

For more about Ramesh, do read his blog titled, One World.

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1 Response to SLMUN 2010

  1. kaveena serasinghe says:

    Slmun is the best place to show our talents.I was in the GA 2 council representing as the delegate of uzbekistan.

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